Upland White Goldenrod

plant profile:  Solidago ptarmicoides

A plant of many common names: Prairie Goldenrod, Prairie Flat-top-goldenrod, Upland White Aster, Stiff Aster, Sneezewort Aster

Prairie (Upland white) goldenrod

And a plant of many different botanical names as well: Aster ptarmicoidesAster ptarmicoides var. georgianusDoellingeria ptarmicoidesInula albaSolidago asteroidesSolidago ptarmicoidesUnamia alba

Whatever you call it – upland white goldenrod looks very different from other goldenrods. Inconspicuous when first emerging, it blooms in clouds of little white aster-like flowers in late summer.

Leatherback beetles and other pollinators love the pollen of Upland White Goldenrod

Click the link below to learn more about this native plant.

Prairie (Upland white) goldenrod – Oligoneuron album

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